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Version History

New in EssentialPIM 7.0 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 15, 2016

  • Added: Tags. Assign a tag to any EssentialPIM item and easily find all related items*
  • Added: Ability to password protect any module and/or any item marked as private*
  • Added: Quick hyperlinking feature for items within EPIM environment by typing the "@" sign
  • Added: Option to turn off automatic image loading for email messages
  • Added: Contact birthdays in Calendar are automatically linked to a contact itself
  • Added: Shortcut to insert date/time anywhere (Ctrl+Space)
  • Improved: Completely redesigned UI that offers a modern and functional look
  • Improved: Mechanism for quick-selecting time for appointments and tasks
  • Improved: New email account creation wizard to reflect latest security trends
  • Improved: Scaling of email messages (Ctrl+mouse wheel)
  • Improved: Related Items dialog*
  • Improved: Logic behind treating "Re:" in the subject line when replying to mail (no more complex constructions)
  • Fixed: Lots of fixes and other smaller improvements

   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 6.58 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 4, 2016

  • Improved: EPIM Cloud synchronization
  • Improved: Contacts synchronization with CardDAV servers
  • Improved: "Do not sync" feature for IMAP folders
  • Fixed: EssentialPIM not responding when changing settings of IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: Minor sync errors with Google Calendar and Google Drive services
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to sticky and regular notes